Since 2009, TheraEx has been working as a provider of rehabilitation services in the Bay Area. Today, we service reputable hospitals and rehabilitation centers around the country with nursing and rehabilitation healthcare professionals. We attract the highest level of talent because of our honest approach to travel nursing, our one-on-one customer service, and the individualized approach to compensation. 

Here are a few reasons to trust TheraEx as your staffing agency:

  • We offer above median market, lucrative compensation packages, customized for each

  • You will have a single point-of-contact within the company. We pride ourselves, above all else, on the excellent, approachable and personable relationships our recruiters develop with their jobseekers. Your recruiter will get to know you and your story, situation and strengths and be available to you throughout the course of your assignment. We bring a small business feel to a large industry.

  • We staff per diem giving you the flexibility to make your own schedule.

  • We are a healthcare professional -owned agency, that means we understand where you’re coming from, the difficulties and excitement surrounding travel nursing, and we can anticipate your questions and concerns because we’ve been in your position.

  • We work on a national level. We’re based in beautiful California, a popular destination for travel nursing, but we have contacts around the country and positions on both coasts and in-between.

  • We make the credential process easy with our in-house credential staff.

  • We offer many bonus opportunities such as sign on bonuses, referral bonuses, loyalty bonuses and completion bonuses on a case-by-case basis.

  • Our smart technology makes logging in to view your payroll easy and efficient.

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