Registered Nurses (RN)

Registered nurses can transition into a career of travel nursing with the help of TheraEx’s dedicated recruiters and relationships with facilities around the country. Earn a competitive salary when you fill needs in quality healthcare institutions located in high demand areas where there’s a shortage of nurses. Work live and care for people in a new environment and get a deeper understanding of yourself and your career. 

Your recruiters work with registered nurses of all specialties. Our dedicated and professional team will find the right clinical opportunity for you by personally understanding your situation, criteria and goals. This boutique approach, putting people first, sets us apart from our competition. 

Once you’ve accepted a position, for contract or per diem work, you’ll be connected with someone from our credentials team to make your paperwork process as smooth as possible. 

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Making the transition to travel nursing is a major decision, our goal is to provide as personal a service as we can.

Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVN)

Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVN) are invited to experience the exciting career changes of travel nursing. Competitive salaries and bonuses, a fresh new work environment, and flexibility to create a schedule and lifestyle that suit you are just some of the reasons to consider moving to a career in travel nursing. 

At TheraEx we provide individualized service. Our goal is to help you meet your goals both professional and personal. Our dedicated staff is available to answer your questions, get to know you, and facilitate the process to the best of their ability.

Once you’ve accepted a position, for contract or per diem work, you’ll be connected with someone from our credentials team to make your paperwork process as smooth as possible. 

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Certified Nurse Assistants (CNA)

Certified Nurse Assistants help their patients with daily living, if you’re ready for a change in your own daily routine, consider a career in travel nursing. TheraEx can get you started on the path to changing up your life with new surroundings, a schedule decided by you, and competitive pay and benefits. 

TheraEx’s boutique approach means individualized relationships between recruiters and nurses. Not unlike the kinds of bonds you form as you get to know you patients, your recruiter will get to know you, your goals and how you are most comfortable. 

Once you’ve accepted a position, for contract or per diem work, you’ll be connected with someone from our credentials team to make your paperwork process as smooth as possible. 

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Medical Assistants (MA)

Medical Assistants make patients comfortable - you already know that, likely, you’re one of the people doing this important work daily. Behind the scenes you’re working on administrative duties, as well as clinical duties; TheraEx is here to make you comfortable with the same level of care and consideration that you provide to your patients. 

Transition into the exciting possibilities of a travel position where you fill a position in an area with a need for someone with your diverse skill set. 

Medical Assistants are a fast growing field, take advantage of the benefits available and competitive pay rates by accepting a position in a new place. 

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Allied Health Professionals:

Physical Therapists (PT)

Physical therapists work to help patients gain back strength and reduce discomfort to live a more comfortable life; are you ready to make a move for your quality of life? Chose a career in travel therapy where there are great benefits, competitive pay, and the opportunity to get to know a new place for the length of time that you feel comfortable with. 

Enhance your quality of life and your career when you chose a career in travel therapy. 

Together with a recruiter from our team, you’ll be guided through the process to make it as swift a transition as possible into the setting that’s right for you. If you’ve been dreaming of a change of scenery for your hiking, surfing, running, biking or whatever activity you do to unwind, travel therapy is an exciting way to explore a new place, get to know a new work environment and connect with new patients. 

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Physical Therapy Assistants (PTA)

Let our dedicated team of recruiters support you in the journey to take a travel position and make sure that it’s as comfortable as it can be for you. 

With exciting travel opportunities, competitive pay, exceptional benefits and a dedicated one-on-one relationship with your recruiter, taking your Physical Therapy Assistant position to a new place with TheraEx has never been as simple or secure. 

Get to know new people, see a new place as a local, change your work environment and create a schedule that works for you when you get started today with TheraEx. 

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Occupational Therapists (OT)

Occupational therapists help their patients get through the tasks necessary for their daily life with ease; let our dedicated recruiters take on the tasks of getting you comfortably set up with a career as a travel therapist. Transition to a new place where you’ll get to explore daily life with a fresh set of eyes and work in a new setting, meet new people and enjoy the added perks of competitive pay, exceptional benefits and flexibility in your schedule. 

Travel opportunities are an exciting way to fill a need in a market that needs your expertise. Your reciter will get to know you and work to make your relocation as smooth as can be. 

Help people live their lives to the fullest while taking advantage of this exciting opportunity for yourself!

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Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants (COTA)

Travel to a new place where you can put your skills to work as a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant and enjoy exceptional benefits, competitive pay, a new environment and change of scenery! 

As a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant, you provide support to Occupational Therapists and to your patients each and every day. Let TheraEx’s team of dedicated recruiters work to support this exciting phase in your career. 

Enjoy a better quality of life, in a setting that works for you, when you’re living and working in a new place with the support of TheraEx. 

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Speech-Language Pathologists (SLP)

Tell us about yourself and what you’re hoping to accomplish and gain from a travel position as a Speech-Language Pathologist and we will work to make it happen. With the help of our dedicated staff, you can find a position that speaks to your professional desires and personal goals in a new and exciting workplace. 

Our recruiters will work to get to know you and provide you with options and a path for you. Travel to a new place where you’ll get to know the lifestyle as a local, work in a new environment, be provided excellent benefits and competitive pay.

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Medical Technologist (Surgical Tech, EKG Tech, Monitor Tech, Sterile Processor, etc)

A surgical technologist can be demanding and stressful, it required your focus so that things go according to plan behind the scenes. Why not consider relocating to a new environment with a travel position? Unwind off-hours while getting to know a new place, stress-free, with some of the best benefits and compensation in the business. 

Let our focused and determined recruiters get to know you and your situation so that they can take care of you and make sure things go right with this important life transition. 

As a surgical technologist, you can relocate to a hospital in need of extra hands for contract or per diem work. 

You’ll work closely with a recruiter who will get to know you, ease you through the paperwork and handle the behind-the-scenes work. When you’re in the OR, you have to be ready for anything - are you ready to start a career in a new place today? 

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TheraEx will guide you through the entire process: 

Assign a point-of-contact within our network of recruiters. 

Find a domestic location that suits your lifestyle. 

Create a tailored compensation package for you.  

Streamline the credential process with the help of our in-house team. 

Available 24 hours, 7 days a week, no matter where you are in the country for support.