Nurse Staffing


No one makes a bigger difference in the day-to-day care of patients than nurses. Nurses are there to improve patients’ quality of life, develop care plans, and administer the details of those plans. Nurses are the lifeblood of hospitals, clinics, physician’s offices, and other healthcare settings. At TheraEx, our goal is not only to help you find the best nursing positions that match your skills and career goals but also build a relationship and a level of trust with all our clinicians. Healthcare facilities across the country are looking for nurses with skill sets that match their needs. Hiring the right nurses will make an important difference in the services they can offer their patients.

TheraEx Nurse Staffing

We know that it can sometimes be challenging to find the right nursing position. At TheraEx, we Have a team of dedicated recruiters that work with a wide range of healthcare facilities that are looking to hire dedicated nurses. Our nurse staffing positions include a variety of specialties, facility types, and position lengths. That means that whether you’re looking for something permanent or temporary, a full-time position or an extra shift, we can help you find a nursing position that fits your needs and helps you to shape your career in exactly the way you want.

Our nurse staffing positions include:

  • Permanent nursing placements
  • Travel nurse staffing
  • Per-diem nurse staffing
  • Rapid response nursing assignments
  • Temporary to permanent nursing positions
  • Interim nurse managers and directors

Finding the Perfect Match

At TheraEx, our goal isn’t just to help you find a job, but to create a match between you and your future employer that’s beneficial to both of you. We spend time building connections with healthcare facilities. That way, we can understand in detail what kinds of skill sets and experience they need in their nurses. Our application process includes comprehensive assessments that go over our nurses’ training, licenses, specialized skills, and experience. That way, we can match nurses to facilities that are looking for precisely their qualifications. This enables healthcare facilities to meet their staffing needs efficiently, and it helps them to provide
the best possible care for their patients. For nurses, this means finding opportunities that are tailored to you and your career goals.

A Streamlined Application Process

When you’re looking for new nursing opportunities, you want to minimize the time you spend applying and maximize the time you spend actually nursing. We aim to make that as easy as possible through a streamlined application process that will connect you with nursing employers quickly. Once you submit your resume, one of our expert recruiters will contact you to complete an informal interview in which we can learn about your personality, skills, and goals. Your recruiter will then begin searching for a perfect match. You’re also welcome to browse our job openings yourself. Throughout the application process, our goal is to make things as easy for you as possible while finding a great result. We do this by advocating for you, putting our reputation and experience as staffing experts to use on your behalf. We are also always available to answer your questions and provide insight into the staffing process.

Support and Benefits

We don’t just see ourselves as a staffing agency; we see ourselves as your partner in career growth. At TheraEx Staffing, all benefits including 401k, Health and Dental will be provided once a clinician has worked full time for 6 months or has accepted two travel contracts within eight months.