Job Seekers

Job Seekers

If you are looking for occupational therapy jobs, or other similar positions, we can help you find the perfect facility for your skillset.

Healthcare Job Seekers

TheraEx Staffing is a medical staffing agency that is dedicated to finding careers for stellar individuals and the staff members for hiring healthcare facilities. If you are looking for per diem, travel, or direct hire/permanent opportunities, we can help you find the perfect facility for your skill set.

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    Candidates that We Look For

    At TheraEx, we concentrate on a broad spectrum of various healthcare facilities, so that no matter how unique your skillset may be, we can find the job for you. Whether you are looking for occupational therapy jobs, physical therapy assistant jobs or even speech therapy jobs, we can help you find the centers that are hiring. We seek out only qualified and talented individuals who would do well in a professional setting, so that potential employers know you are serious about finding a job when you work with us.

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    Your Resume and TheraEx Staffing

    When you sign up and submit your resume to TheraEx, a recruiter starts searching for the job that would be perfect for you. In addition to finding the best job for qualified individuals such as yourself, we also maintain a list of current job openings for you to browse at your leisure. By keeping a constant rotation of experienced professionals and available positions, we set out to get you removed from job market and placed into your career.

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    Resubmission Policies for the Individual

    Even if you have applied for employment at a particular facility already, it is our job as a medical staffing agency to understand when you can resubmit your application. After ample time has passed, we feel confident in sending in your information once more, if the opportunity is right. At TheraEx, we work hard to get your resume into the hands of the right employer, so that you can both benefit from you taking the open position.

  • Working with TheraEx Staffing

    In order to help you find the job that’s right for you, our staffing experts will want to learn as much about you as they can. You can tell us about your dreams and aspirations so that we can find the positions that might be a good fit for your personality, goals and medical training. By working together, we can help you sharpen your interview skills so that you are as prepared as can be.

    With flexible options, such as searching for temporary or specific positions like occupational therapy jobs, and control over the confidentiality of your personal information, we can create a job searching experience that is unique to your needs. You can reach out to us today to get started on your career-searching journey.

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