What is Travel Nursing?

Occasionally, healthcare facilities will experience shortages in staff due to seasonal fluctuations, holidays, and many other reasons. When this happens, they turn to travel nurse staffing companies to recruit temporary nurses who can travel to their location to fill in for permanent staff.

Best of all, as a travel nurse, the choice is yours! You determine where you want to work, your preferred shift, and the type of healthcare facility you prefer.

What is the difference between Per Diem and Travel Nursing?

Per diem allows nurses to make their own schedules and supplement their income. Per Diem nurses can choose the location and facility that they would like to provide coverage.

Travel Nurses can choose the location and facility where they would like to work, like Per Diem Nurses, however Travel Nurses are contracted for different lengths of assignments and have guaranteed hours. Travel Nurses are usually provided a set schedule in advance from the facility.

Can I work Per Diem while on a Travel Contract?

Yes! You can pick up per diem shifts from additional hospitals while on your travel assignment.

If you are working Per Diem and Travel Contract in the same hospital system, additional credentialing is not needed. 

What are the requirements for becoming a TheraEx Travel Nurse?

You need at least two years of experience in your specialty, at least one year of recent acute-care

experience (based on your specialty), an active/current RN license, AHA CPR certifications (based on your specialty), 2 professional references and a Skills Checklist, which we will provide for you. Feel free to reach out and start a conversation with one of our recruiters if you have questions!

How much and when will I get paid?

Your Recruiter will discuss with you a customized compensation package based upon the rates for the season. Paydays are every Friday once you start working!

Do you offer referral bonuses?

Absolutely! We offer unlimited referral bonuses! For every nurse you refer who is not in our current database and we place out to work, we will pay you a referral bonus. Your bonus will automatically be processed after the first week your referral works. We offer a bonus of $250 for Per Diem Nurses and $500 for Contract Nurses.

How long is the Credentialing Process and how much would I need to do?

We have a dedicated Credentialing team that has worked diligent hours to streamline our process for you and ensure that it’s as streamlined as can be. Our credentialing process for most of our large healthcare clients is just two weeks.