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Available Candidates

Managing a medical facility can be a challenging job, especially so if you are short staffed. Instead of pushing yourself and your staff to the limits, hire a medical staffing agency to help you fill the gaps in your medical personnel roster. You will find that, with a full and capable staff, processes around your office will improve and patient care will increase.

Fulfilling Your Staffing Needs

Carrying on short-staffed can exhaust employees, and the quality of regular processes may start to slip. Whether you need a permanent position filled, or need temporary workers to get through a busy season, or you need something in-between, a medical staffing agency can help you fulfill your staffing needs. With a full staff, you and your employees can get back to focusing on what matters most – providing the best care for your patients.

Working with a Medical Staffing Agency

Not only will a medical staffing agency help you fill open positions, but they will also take the burden of the hiring process off of your shoulders. At TheraEx Staffing, we always have a roster of available candidates who are qualified and ready to work, just waiting for the opportunity to become a part of someone’s team. Because we only represent potential employees who are the best-of-the-best, you can rest assured knowing that any of our candidates you may interview should be right for the position.

Due to our roster of available candidates, we can supply you with potential employees to interview more quickly. This cuts out the waiting time between collecting and sorting through resumes, so that your staff can be full in a shorter period of time. We also offer temporary placement solutions, which can always lead to a permanent position if the situation is right.

Are you interested in learning more about how TheraEx Staffing can help process move more smoothly in your practice? If so, contact us today to find out more about our staffing processes.


At TheraEx, we are fully equipped to meet our clients’ unique staffing needs. Please review the sections before for answers to questions you might have about temporary staffing solutions.

Unexpected turnover of employees, census changes and special projects are but a few examples of events that can create turmoil for a healthcare facility. Managing your organization during such trials can prove difficult. Temporary staff move in to fill the gaps in the operation left by vacationing, retired or recently terminated employees. They can even be of service when one of your regular staff members is on medical leave or in the process of undergoing employee training.

TheraEx is proud to offer extremely flexible options. Our shortest term is no longer than 4 hours. Your organization may also choose to opt for a 13 week contract, but that is by no means the upward limit.

TheraEx’s database is a powerful tool that allows us to draw from a national pool of candidates. This database works for you, giving you access to premier talent across a wide range of healthcare niches. No matter how particular the required qualifications of a given position, TheraEx has the perfect candidate for you.

Yes: you will never have to worry about meeting a less-than-qualified candidate. Our prescreening protocols are incredibly thorough, requiring our talent to pass a minimum of two separate reference checks. We provide you with only the highest quality candidates, endowed with the experience and skill set required of the position you are seeking to fill.

The last issue your organization needs in today’s fast-paced marketplace is a shortage of personnel. This problem can result in loss of revenue and may even affect the quality of patient care you are able to provide. Aside from financial damages, members of an understaffed workforce can feel overextended, which can lead to high employee turnover rates. In addition, your establishment may witness a rise in calls for unionization or, if you already deal with a union, member unrest.

Yes, TheraEx claims full responsibility for the payment and processing of taxes. Furthermore, we cover workers compensation and insurance cost for all of our temporary employees. In addition, each of these individuals is offered a very attractive benefits package, whose features include: 401(k) with matching contributions, professional liability coverage, paid time off (PTO) and Medical, Dental and vision Insurance, reimbursement of continuing education costs.

There is no one answer to this question, as our cancellation policy depends on the nature of the assignment given our staff member. Our standard policy requires notification of cancellation of services by 12:00 p.m. (noon) on the business day preceding the day you no longer need filled. Our policy concerning travel assignments is more amenable, to be negotiated before the contract is signed.

TheraEx is happy to answer any additional questions you may have. Please contact us today and let us know how we might be of service.

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