Why Healthcare is the Perfect Industry for Veterans

Though the unemployment rate for veterans has dropped significantly from 2013, more than 5.3 percent are still unemployed, according to the Bureau Labor of Statistics. Veterans, like many others, can struggle to find a decent job that offers more than a paycheck. However, veterans working in healthcare have found that these positions offer a steady job in addition to the opportunity to expand their careers.

Reliable Job

Unlike many career paths out there in today’s world, the healthcare field will always need employees. Thanks to the Affordable Healthcare Act, more and more Americans are getting the medical attention they need, which is great, but healthcare facilities are finding that they are understaffed. With this kind of job growth, the healthcare field will always need qualified individuals, which can lead to a reliable job for veterans.

If veterans have a reliable job, they can rely on a steady income. This could decrease the population of homeless veterans while also increasing the number of employees working in our nation’s healthcare facilities. Really, hiring veterans to work in your practice, hospital or office, it is a win-win for everyone.

Room to Grow

Oftentimes, veterans have previous medical experience if they were a medic in their branch of service. These skills can transfer over into their work in healthcare, where they can continue to learn and build on their previous knowledge. Due to their training and leadership abilities from the military, their desire to succeed is likely to be higher than your average employee.

Thanks to the many different branches of medical careers, veterans can work where they are most qualified. And with the room to grow in this specific field, veterans working in healthcare may choose to take the necessary steps in order to obtain a higher-level position. Even if they do not want to work their way up the medical career ladder, they can still choose the specific profession which they desire most.

Education Opportunities

Though many believe that veterans have an endless supply of education opportunities, those benefits run out in short periods of time. Without the ability to go to a four-year school and receive a degree, veterans can feel like they are missing out on educational opportunities. However, with a job in the healthcare facility, they will find that their ability to continue their education and build on their career is more achievable.

If your place of business offers education opportunities for employees, this could be a good chance for a veteran to learn a new skill and become an even more valuable asset to your facility. With varying certificates and degrees, veterans, like any other employee, will be able to perform multiple functions in your practice, potentially saving you the cost of having to hire multiple people. Also, as mentioned before, this would grant them the chance to find the career that they truly love—one where they will have a reliable job that they enjoy.

For more information on veterans working in healthcare, contact us at TheraEx Staffing, where we are proud to help place these men and women in temporary and permanent jobs across the country.

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