Ways to Avoid Employee Burnout

One of the biggest obstacles for managers and employers in the healthcare industry is the ever present threat of employee burnout. Medical work is stressful, and it’s easy for this stress to build up to the point where an employee cannot deal with it anymore and is forced to either quit or take a leave of absence. Luckily, there are solutions to help prevent your employees from burning out. Keep reading to find out the different ways to avoid employee burnout, such as working with a healthcare staffing agency to keep your staff full.

Have the Right Staff Size

One of the absolute best ways to make sure that your employees are never in danger of suffering burnout is to make sure that you have enough staff at all times to do the job. Sometimes, there is a tendency for companies to maintain a smaller staff when production is high to in turn maintain lower costs. However, a smaller staff is much more likely to be vulnerable to employee burnout because the individual workload is too much. This is particularly true in healthcare settings where the work is inherently stressful and can become even more stressful when an individual is taking on too much.

For example, occupational therapy is a difficult job because it covers a wide range of expertise that includes dealing with a patient’s mental and physical health. When an occupational therapist is saddled with too many patients at one time, the normal stress that they deal with from day to day is going to be compounded until they are no longer able to do their job effectively. Therefore, making sure that there are enough occupational therapists to cover all of the patients means more productivity and less stress in the workplace.

A healthcare staffing agency can help make sure your workplace is always properly staffed with the best healthcare workers.


Hire Temps for Big Projects

No matter the workplace, an unexpectedly large project—or influx of patients in the healthcare industry—can maximize worker stress and make employee burnout much more likely. For these occasions, the best solution to avoid a burnout is to hire temporary workers through a healthcare staffing agency.

Temp employees can be hired for the duration of a project or for a specific period of time to help take some of the stress off of your full-time workers. You may even find that the extra help has improved results, and you can transition the temporary workers to a full-time position, giving you an even larger, more capable staff.


Find the Best Employees

In the healthcare industry, employee burnout is always a concern. Not only is it bad for the employees, but it can also be disastrous for the patients. Fortunately, as we have seen, it is possible to avoid employee burnout and its resulting consequences through the hiring of temporary workers and using a healthcare staffing agency to make sure you have an appropriate sized staff filled with the best workers. If you’re a hiring manager looking to find the right healthcare workers for your facility, contact us today at TheraEx Staffing to be put in touch with competent and enthusiastic employees.


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