Traveling as an Occupational Therapist


Travelling occupational therapists help people all over the country adapt to their own abilities in order to help them live the fulfilling lifestyle they seek. These individuals can not only command a higher salary on average, but they can know they are being assigned to positions where they will do the most good. By providing relief to understaffed providers and tending to patients that would not otherwise see an OT, travelling OT’s truly make a difference in countless communities.

You can learn more about the benefits of travelling occupational therapy positions for providers, patients and the OTs themselves by reading on.


No Additional Training Needed

Travelling occupational therapists generally have no additional skill or experience requirements compared to OTs in permanent positions. This lack of special qualifications means that anyone can alter their career to be travel-based if they want to.


Explore New Locales and Enjoy Perks

Naturally, travelling OTs get reimbursed for their flights and other travel expenses, but they also get additional allowances and gratuities on top of this. Paid housing, mileage reimbursement, per diems, non-taxable living stipends and assignment completion bonuses can all shower travelling OTs with perks that make their career even more fulfilling.


Job Flexibility

Starting a new position in healthcare typically means a one to two year commitment, at minimum. If you want to leave earlier than that, you face breach-of-contract or an inability to get a quality referral for your next venture.


Travelling OT positions mean that you have the flexibility to take on new assignments all the time. If you work for yourself, you have complete autonomy over the jobs you choose, while working for a travelling OT placement service means you still have the ability to influence what assignments you are given. Also, once a contract has been fulfilled, you get to move on to the next one!


Skill Building

Becoming a travelling OT means encountering new provider settings, new types of patient cases and new scenarios every single day. You get to learn about how people live throughout all of the country and what different challenges they face. These experiences can prepare you to handle a variety of situations while increasing the speed at which you learn how to tackle new problems.


Also, since travelling OTs have the chance to work for institutions all across the country, they are able to fill their resume with prestigious organizations that can help them secure high-quality positions in the future.


Realistic Responsibility

When a provider requests a travelling OT, they must be specific with the job requirements and the responsibilities the therapist will face. They must also be realistic; no one wants to be asked to put the moon on a stick when they come out of town to make a difference.


For this reason, most travelling OTs avoid the responsibility creep and unrealistic expectations that can plague many permanent positions. They also have more leverage to correct problems with their working situation given that they are not beholden to one single employer.


Finding Travelling Occupational Therapist

You can enter a new career or expand your existing one to broaden your horizons by searching for travelling OT job listings today.


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