Tips for Finding Your First PT Job


Finding PT jobs does not need to be scary, depressing, frustrating or even that difficult. Seeking out your first job in healthcare can feel intimidating, but you can rely on some tried-and-true strategies to help make the search not only easier, but result in a fulfilling position.  

Set Priorities for Yourself

The first thing you should do when job hunting is define the type of position you think you need to make you happy. Taking a job in healthcare is a commitment, one that should last at least 1-2 years under normal circumstances.If you put yourself in the position of “I just need to find a job, any job,” you are setting yourself up to become frustrated by offers that cannot possibly meet your personal needs. Worse, if you accept jobs you do not truly want, both you and your patients will suffer.So start your job search out by saying “no” to positions that cannot meet your needs for:

  • • Location
  • • Pay
  • • Responsibilities and duties
  • • Continuing education offerings
  • • Potential for career advancement
  • • Working environment

 By writing these criteria out, you will be less likely to compromise and better-equipped to evaluate positions that truly do meet your needs.

Pad Out Experience With Volunteer Work

If you are fresh out of a PT program and have little work experience to show for it, then you may have difficulty demonstrating that you have the work-ready skills to excel in a position.You can reduce the chances that people will be wary to hire you for your “first real job” by picking up volunteer shifts in your community. Nursing homes, VA groups, rehabilitation centers, schools, community clinics and more all need help from trained staff to provide services for those with limited means.You can also take on positions as an assistant to other PTs, but never let a stepping-stone job hold you back from advancing your career. Always keep looking and applying! 

Be Your True Self in Interviews

We all psyche ourselves out before interviews by wondering how we can tell the interviewer the perfect thing they need to hear to hire us. In truth, we should tell them exactly what we would want to hear come out of our own mouths to feel proud of our interview performance. So, focus more on honest answers that indicate your personal values, priorities and approach to your work. Remember that you may be able to convince the interviewer (and yourself) that something you said was accurate, but your true feelings will always come out eventually if you do happen to get the position. 

Remember PT Jobs Are Growing — Don’t Sweat It Too Much!

Healthcare jobs are competitive, but the demand is growing, which incentivizes more and more providers to act quickly and fill positions. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of available physical therapy positions will increase by 34 percent from 2014 to 2024, “much faster than average,” according to their data.Take comfort in knowing people need your skills! Also, as advised above, remember you do not have to compromise your standards to find a position for you. 

Finding PT Jobs Can Be Easy With a Physical Therapy Staffing Company

The easiest way to find PT jobs? Let someone else help you with the legwork. By submitting your resume to a physical therapy staffing service, you can be matched with positions all over the country that perfectly meet your expectations and skillset. Get started today by looking at available PT jobs and career opportunities in your field of work and then submitting your resume today!

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