The Real Benefits of Exit Interviews

When an employee is moving on from your place of business, you may be debating whether or not you should conduct an exit interview. Though these conversations can seem like a waste of time, they can actually be quite beneficial if they are done so correctly. If you are in the healthcare field, the benefits of exit interviews can provide new insight into your practice and which areas can be improved.

You Get Honest Feedback

Though you probably hold evaluations or end of the year reviews, employees might be reluctant to tell the honest truth. This doesn’t mean that your employees are lying to you, necessarily, but they may fear to voice their true opinion on certain matters because they don’t want to put their job in jeopardy. However, when an employee is on their way out, they are probably more willing to tell you how they really feel.

With the idea of honest feedback in mind, don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions. The only way you are going to know how things are running when you turn your back is if you ask. Consider asking the employee specific questions during their exit interview about operations and processes, so that you can address areas which need the most improvement.

It’s a Cost Effective Solution

Much like getting honest feedback from your employee, the benefits of exit interviews can even be considered cost effective, as you are receiving free and in-depth intel on certain areas of your practice. Depending on the employee’s job description, this information can range wildly, but at least you will know how well that certain department functions.

If something the employee says strikes you as odd, make a note to check back on it later. Have an open discussion with the employee about what they would have like to have seen differently—you may be surprised at their response. You will be able to examine specific aspects of your facility, so that you can make the necessary adjustments. These changes can improve processes, saving your practice time and money.

You Can Address Negative Trends

When you conduct exit interviews for each employee that leaves, you might begin to see patterns in the things that each person says. If you are finding that there seems to be a negative trend, you can piece together a solution to solve the issue. Don’t blame yourself if you did not know of these trends before the employee tells you, as oftentimes, it is an inter-departmental issue that only the employee would understand.

Lastly, don’t dodge asking the employee about your managing tactics. While some criticism may or may not come your way, you can use this information towards your advantage. You will be able to tweak your techniques so that your leadership skills are even more refined and effective when it comes to managing your existing employees.

For more information on how to conduct successful exit interviews for your healthcare facility, contact us at TheraEx Staffing today. We specialize in helping businesses like yours succeed.

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