The Power of Social Media for Recruiters

It has been estimated that nearly three-quarters of internet users are also active members of various social media outlets. If you are in charge of hiring at your medical facility, realizing that hundreds of millions of people can be reached concerning your open position is likely mind-blowing and overwhelming. In more ways than one, recruiters use social media in order to project the good name of your business and to find qualified candidates for open positions.

How Recruiters Use Social Media to Spread Your Brand

When you have an open position and you are working with a recruiter, it is likely that they will use social media as a key tool, because they know that there are so many potential candidates out there using these platforms. By displaying your medical facility’s brand, vision and culture online, candidates will gain knowledge about your place of business. From there, they will be able to take further interest in any open positions you may have.

Additionally, recruiters can encourage your existing employees to post online about how great it is to work at your particular practice. With this positive reinforcement, it is more likely that candidates will approach you about the open position, instead of you having to extend the effort to reach out to them. And because you will be working with a recruiter, you don’t have to worry about filtering through these candidates before the interviewing process.

Finding Potential Candidates Through Social Media

Social media is also a great tool that recruiters use in order to connect with others online. It is a recruiter’s job to be social-savvy, and one of the best ways to do that in today’s world is to have a strong online presence. Recruiters will use various platforms in order to connect with potential candidates and learn more about their professional lives.

With more professional services like LinkedIn, recruiters can find information on a candidate that would be similar to what they include in their resume. This bio can include previous job experience, educational background, certifications, so on and so forth. By finding these individuals online, recruiters can connect directly with them about your open job positions.

The Most Popular Platforms for Job Hunting

While LinkedIn is certainly popular in the job hunting market, Facebook and Twitter are not to be overlooked, either. By taking that image of your brand, it can be applied to these other social platforms that allow for a larger number of candidates to read about your open positions. Though such a concept can seem passive, understanding that the up and coming millennial generation conducts online business like this is just one way to tap into the immense power that social media can carry.

Working with a staffing recruiter can help you reap the benefits of using social media to find and connect with potential candidates across the country. If you are interested in learning more about how you can reach out to others about the open positions at your medical facility,

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