The Perks of Hiring Older Employees

When looking to hire new members of your team, you are probably looking for potential employees that are loyal, hardworking and experienced. The newer generation is so promising and holds a lot of potential, but they might require more training or instruction before they get everything down pat. While this is perfectly fine, it can take time away from your daily duties, such as caring for patients, if you work in the healthcare field.

So what’s the solution, you ask? Adding older members to your healthcare team could resolve your training and time constraint concerns. The trend of doing so is on the rise as well, as the Bureau Labor of Statistics shows that hiring employees of 65 years and older has steadily increased more than 100 percent over the last 10 years. The perks of hiring older employees include everything from their attitude and experience to their willingness to succeed and so much more.

Personality Traits of Older Employees

Some may argue that the younger generation can have members who believe they are entitled to success, but it is no question that older employees know you have to work hard to succeed. It is this, dedicated, honest and mature mind-set that allows for older employees to do well in new positions. Because they are driven, these employees are punctual and detail-oriented, never missing a beat.

Such personality traits likely stem from their sheer desire to work. In fields like the healthcare industry, older employees can bring a level of passion to their work that no one else will. And it is because they want to work, they want to be there, so that they can provide for themselves and their families.

They Have Experience

More often than not, older employees will have years and years of experience. Of course this experience will directly affect their ability to perform familiar tasks, but what about indirectly? Older employees with experience will likely have respect for authority and will know how to listen.

Especially if their prior job was also in the healthcare field, you know that, as an employee, they will take direction well. Their previous experiences probably taught them time management and how to stay organized while on the job. Such skills could boost productivity and increase processes in your practice, just one of the many perks of hiring older employees.

You Can Offer Them What They Want

Millennials usually get a bad wrap for job hopping because they don’t know what they want in their careers, or their lives, yet. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, older employees would be able to provide you with more stability as an employer. Generally speaking, older employees know what they want in a job, and if you’re offering that to them, they have no reason to leave.

Job stability, reliable income and health insurance are often major concerns for older employees. If they can find a job in their field that is able to give them these three things, they will be happy campers. With that being said, you, as an employer, will still have to work hard to keep them engaged, but older employees may not be as difficult to please as the younger generations.

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