The Benefits of a Traveling Physical Therapy Job

A traveling physical therapy job has so many benefits that, to some people, it can feel like a dream come true. Read on to learn more about the benefits of traveling physical therapy jobs as well what it is like to be a traveling therapist.

Every Job Can Feel Like a Perfect Fit

Unlike normal physical therapy jobs, a traveling therapist does not work for one specific hospital, clinic or care provider. Instead, the physical therapy agency they work for provides assignments based on best-fit. The skills, specialization, experience and assignment preference will help dictate which traveling therapists get sent to which assignment. Ideally, providers will receive the traveling therapist best-suited for the job, and the therapist will also be given assignments that they are more likely to find fulfilling.

This match-based work model can bring high levels of job satisfaction. The feeling of “being needed” and anticipated as a problem solver makes traveling therapists often feel more appreciated than they would at permanent positions. They also run less of a risk of getting too familiar with one provider organization or even one region of the country. Every day is a grab bag of variety, yet the skills, problem solving and expertise the traveling therapist is expected to bring to the table remains consistent.


Being a Traveling Therapist Naturally Means Lots of Travel

At the risk of being too obvious… traveling therapists travel a lot. Many people find this job trait to be highly appealing. They love the idea of seeing new areas of the country, getting acquainted with new cities and absorbing new experiences on a regular basis. Since many positions also provide stipends for meals and lodging, traveling therapists can sample some of the more notable cuisine and hotels across the country while they work.

Traveling therapists who are unsure of where they eventually may want to settle down can get an incredible idea of what various regions our great country can offer. Others may enjoy having a stable homestead to come back to after zipping about the country helping people in need. Large doses of variety mixed with windows of predictability appeal greatly to those who love working professionally but want to avoid repetitive routines.


Traveling Therapists Often Get Higher Salaries

Every traveling therapist position will vary on elements like pay or benefits, but the consensus seems to be that traveling physical therapy jobs pay more than typical physical therapy jobs by as much as 50 percent to 100 percent. One salary aggregator website even estimates that the average traveling therapist position pays around $102,000, although that number may be influenced by some highly-paid outliers who fulfilled a large amount of contracts.

Regardless, traveling therapy offers many tangible job perks, both financial and material. To begin pursuing your dream career as a traveling therapist, visit our traveling therapist job information page at TheraEx Staffing.

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