Reasons to Work with a Recruiter When Job Hunting

Being on the hunt for a job can be a trying experience. You’ve likely sent out applications, made calls and knocked down doors. Despite all of your efforts, you might not have received any responses, but why?

You probably have all the qualifications, experience and personality to boot, but getting an interview can still be tricky. Working with a job recruiter can help you take that extra step you need in landing your dream job in fields such as healthcare. When it comes to searching for your dream job, the reasons to work with a recruiter seem endless, but here is what we find most important.

Get a Head Start

In today’s day and age, most job applications are submitted and received electronically. This means that you are probably learning about job openings once they have gone viral, and so have all of your competitors as well. In a field like healthcare, that can be a lot of competition. In order to learn about jobs before they are posted, you should be working side-by-side with a recruiter. You would have access to job openings before the masses can apply.

Additionally, some businesses choose to work directly with recruiting companies, so that they can avoid posting their listings online. With a recruiter, you would have access to these exclusive positions that no one else will even know exist. Your chances of getting an interview are likely to increase.

Make Connections

Many would agree that one of the best ways to get a job is through networking. Take the healthcare field, for instance. Meeting the right people can provide you with connections to certain medical practices or other facilities where you want to work.

Making connections can be easier said than done, however. One of the reasons to work with a recruiter is having an outlet to connect and form bonds with people in the industry. Recruiters are usually masters of networking and would be able to help guide you in the right direction, so that you can expand your own network.

Receive Coaching

Because your recruiter has “been there, done that,” they will be able to share their knowledge and experiences with you. If you let them, they can coach you on everything from tweaking your resume to networking, interview tips and more. Once you have gotten an interview, they will be able to tell you what to expect, so that you’re not walking into a situation with mounting uncertainties.

In the event that a business chooses someone else over you, your recruiter will be able to give you feedback on where you might be able to improve. They will also guide you towards other positions for which you may be qualified. As in a field like healthcare, the job outlook can be as much as 31 percent, making for a multitude of growing opportunities, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Above all, your recruiter will help you keep your head up until you land the job of your dreams. Are you ready to start looking? If so, visit our website and contact us at TheraEx Staffing today to work with a recruiter.

BlogRey Rivera