Questions Interviewers Want to Hear

Interviewing for a job can be a nerve-wracking experience. You are probably worrying about what clothes to wear, questions the interviewer may ask you and how you can be prepared. One thing you might overlook is preparing questions to ask the interviewer when they inevitably ask: “Do you have any questions for me?”

By asking your interviewer relevant questions, it could show them that you would be an asset to the company who isn't afraid to provide a new perspective. Now the question is: what do you ask? Consider these questions interviewers like to hear and add it to your arsenal of job interview tips, so that you can nail the interview and land the job.

“How would you define your management style?”

This is one of the most important questions interviewers like to hear, because you are showing them that you care about their role as your leader. By doing so, you are acknowledging their authority, which can exhibit a sign of respect. This could also open up the discussion about office environment, when you can explain in which circumstances you work under best.

“Can you describe the typical day for someone in this position?”

As far as job interview tips go, this is an important one to remember. When you ask this question, it lets the interviewer know that you are curious about discovering how you could fit into the role. You might even have the opportunity to respond with a personal experience that may align with the description of the position’s typical day.

“What challenges might the person in this position face?”

Inquiring about challenges associated with the position could show the interviewer that you are willing to prepare yourself to face and tackle these challenges. If these challenges are similar to ones you may have faced at another job, or at school, you could share these experiences with the interviewer, demonstrating your value.

“If someone in the past did this job the best, can you please describe to me what made their performance so outstanding?”

Similar to the challenges question, asking about a previous, outstanding performance could show the interviewer that you want to rise to the occasion. Consider the response the interviewer may give and try to offer some insight into your strengths, which could prove that you would be an asset to the company.

“Do you have any reservations about my fit for this company that I could address?”

When asking this question, prepare yourself for some criticism. Chances are, the person interviewing you has just met you, and they don’t know everything about you yet. By listening and taking note of their reservations, if any, you could assure them that those are things you would work on. Be careful when addressing their response, as a defensive attitude or sarcastic remark could show you in a negative light, which is not something that interviewers want to see in potential candidates.

Are you looking to start your career? If so, we hope these job interview tips helped. To learn more about landing your dream job, please contact us at TheraEx Staffing to see how we can help.

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