Need Flexibility in Your Staffing? TheraEx is Your Solution

Managing a healthcare facility can be a difficult job because you often have unique staffing needs that need to be met. These needs can be further complicated by tight budgeting, along with an increased need for more employees. If you are seeking better staffing flexibility solutions, TheraEx is a staffing agency that could be the very solution you and your medical practice need.

The Benefits of Temporary Staffing

If you are in a bind and need employees quickly, temporary staffing might be the solution for you. These employees can help fill in the gaps, which provides seemingly endless staffing flexibility solutions until you are able to settle on something more permanent. TheraEx Staffing can supply your practice with temps that are qualified and dedicated individuals who need minimal direction and can hit the ground running.

There is no upward limit to the amount of time in which a TheraEx temporary employee can work for you, for we provide a multitude of flexible solutions to best suit your needs. You can sign on for a 13-week contract, or you can choose to keep the temporary employee on your staff, if you find that they are a good fit for your team. Doing so can lead to a more permanent staffing solution in your practice’s future.

Finding a More Permanent Solution

In addition to granting you the opportunity to keep a temporary employee on your staff full-time, we also offer services which connect you with potential, fulltime employees. If you have had a high turnover rate with your staff, you may be struggling with a smaller team, and the effort it takes to find a qualified candidate to join your team can be exhausting.

When you work with TheraEx Staffing, we will help you find these potential employees to be a part of your healthcare professional staff. Because you are able to fill these permanent positions more quickly, you will find that your practice’s quality of patient care can go up, in addition to an increase in revenue. This is all simply due to the fact that you have enough members on your team to keep the boat afloat and sailing smoothly.

Working with a Staffing Agency

Aside from taking the burden of hiring off of your shoulders, working with a staffing agency like TheraEx Staffing can come with its own crop of benefits to improve your staffing flexibility solutions. For instance, you won’t be interviewing just any candidate that we are able to find. You will only be presented with a pre-vetted list of potential candidates who are qualified and ready to land their dream job in the healthcare field.

We use a number of resources in order to find these candidates, who we believe will best suit the position which you have open. You will no longer have to worry over sifting through stacks of resumes and meeting with those who aren’t qualified for the position. Such a process will allow for you fill your staff more quickly, so that you can get back to caring for your patients.

Have you been struggling to find staffing flexibility solutions that are right for your practice? If so, contact us at TheraEx Staffing today to learn more about how we can help your healthcare facility get back to normal workflow and processes with a full and qualified team.

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