Looking Ahead: Healthcare Employment in 2016

Working in the healthcare field can be a rewarding experience as you get to help others in their most desperate times of need. If you have been interested in having a job in this particular field, now is the time to act! Overall, healthcare employment in 2016 is going to continue to grow, providing you the opportunity to build a successful career for yourself.

Why is Healthcare Employment Booming?

There are several reasons why the healthcare industry is booming. For instance, the population of America continues to grow at a rapid rate, and people will always need healthcare. Over 68 percent of the 2012 American population was overweight, which can cause a multitude of health problems and increasing the need for healthcare, according a study by The State of Obesity.

A longer-term effect is beginning to take place as well: people are, on average, living longer. Determined by a study from The Atlantic, 33 percent more people are living past the age of 70, as compared to the rate of such in 1990. Though people are living longer, they can still suffer from a myriad of health problems, thus expanding healthcare needs for the elderly.

The Most In-Demand Healthcare Positions

As a result, in the increase of healthcare demand, the occupational outlook for most healthcare related jobs exceeds the national average. For instance, home health aide is one of the most in-demand health care positions. Because Americans are living longer, they need assistance in their older years. With a job outlook of 48 percent, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) expects there to be more than 420,000 home health aide jobs added.

Other high demand jobs include registered nurses. A job outlook of 19 percent leads the BLS to predict more than 526,000 new registered nursing positions over the next few years. Medical assistants, pharmaceutical technicians and medical secretaries are also at the top of the list for the most in-demand jobs for healthcare employment in 2016.

How to Gain Healthcare Employment in 2016

Because the occupational outlook for healthcare jobs are high, it is probable that you would have a stable position as a healthcare professional. There are dozens of career paths from which you could choose, all of which have varying degrees of required education. Once you have decided on a position that you think would be right for you, you can begin taking the proper steps towards your dream career.

One of the best things about a healthcare profession is that you can continue your education and further advance your career. With a job recruiter, you would be able to connect with the right clinics or hospitals that could lead you to a full-time position. And as the healthcare field continues to grow and advance, you would have the tools and experience to do the same.

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