Interview Tips: How to Explain Being Fired

Being fired happens. Sometimes it is because of something you did, or didn’t do, or the company simply had to make budget cuts. In the healthcare field, being fired can seem so personal, but sometimes it really is “just business.” At your next interview, it is evident that the employer is going to ask you about your last job. If so, here are a few tips on how to explain being fired.

Be Open and Remain Calm

When the question comes, all you have to remember is to be honest with them and remain calm. Chances are, your employer will be able to tell if you’re lying, which won’t ever result in anything good. Be honest with the employer about what happened, whatever the situation.

With that being said, steer clear of bashing your previous job or coworkers. The employer might fear that you would apply the same negative attitude to their business, and they wouldn’t want to work with you. This especially goes for positions in the healthcare field, because chances are, your day-to-day duties will be related to that of your last job. Your employer wouldn’t want to work with someone who is still sour about a similar position.

Also remember to remain clam. If you let yourself get carried away, you raise your voice or start blubbering, the employer might think that you are unstable. Employers like hiring employees that are consistent in their demeanor because there are never any surprises. Remaining calm and honest, during this part of the interview especially, could show the employer that you are reliable. This goes a long way in fields such as healthcare, because you will likely be responsible for the well-being of another.

Explain What You’ve Learned

How to explain being fired doesn’t consist simply of describing what happened, you should also demonstrate to your employer that you have learned from your experiences. If you were at fault when you were fired, tell the employer that you admit to your mistake.

Being genuine with this portion of the interview could show the employer that you are able to take constructive criticism and use it to better yourself. Making personal improvements is important in the fields such as healthcare, because employers want their employees to be adaptable, to keep up with the advancing technologies of modern medicine.

Enthuse About the Future

Now that you have told explained what happened when you were fired, and you have demonstrated that you’ve learned from your experiences, it is time to apply that to the position in which you are interviewing for. Have a conversation with the employer about how you would continue to improve yourself through this new position. This could help direct the conversation towards you in relation to the new job, as opposed to harping on the past.

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