Interview Questions That Will Help You Find the Best Millennial Candidates

Millennials — people born roughly between 1982 and 2000 — are now one of the largest demographics in the modern workforce. As new, young candidates with exceptional talent pursue their career paths, healthcare employers have a unique opportunity to onboard talented young individuals who can help their organization grow and evolve.

The sensibilities of millennials can differ from the generations before them though, so interviewers must be calculated when trying to entice qualified candidates while weeding out problematic ones. The following questions can be among the best interview questions for millennials since they can hint at their work habits without telegraphing your intent.

“Which Moments During Your Work Experience Did You Find the Most Rewarding?”

Millennials have a reputation — perhaps an unfair one — that they do not value hard work. By asking this question, you are revealing their work ethic while discovering which types of work experience they tend to enjoy.

A great answer will relate to a time when the millennial candidate learned something valuable or got to help someone. Poor answers will center around immediate benefits they received for themselves, such as “the free popcorn at the movie theater was awesome!”

“Was There a Time When You Felt Helpless, But Then You Managed to Pull Through?”

Self-sufficiency and optimism are both important qualities to have in a worker. The answer to this question can reveal the degree to which they seek to overcome adversity regardless of how the odds were stacked against them. It can also demonstrate how the candidate defines “helplessness” since some people can feel overwhelmed more quickly than others.

“What Are the Qualities of Your Ideal Boss?”

This question is clearly leading, so do not be surprised if the candidate gives their answer a lot of thought before responding. The goal is yet again to see if their response demonstrates selfishness — “I like a boss who is relaxed about the rules” — versus a response that indicates they understand the value of a well-functioning work environment — “I like a boss who has clear expectations.”

“Can You Tell Me a Little Bit About Your Last Employer’s Policy on Personal Cell Phone Use or Web Browsing? Were These Policies Strictly Enforced?”

Once again, this question can be leading, but it can also invite the candidate to open up about their workplace behaviors. The temptation of technological distractions is strong, particularly among those who grew up as the technology was being adopted. Try and gauge your candidate’s reaction to both the question and the policies as they describe them to see how productive they intend to be on a daily basis.

“Are There Any Causes You Feel Passionate About? Do You Have Any Volunteer or Work Experiences Serving These Causes?”

Millennials are vocal about many things, but they may not always take action. Ask the above question in two parts, waiting to deliver the second one after they respond to the first. When you put them on the spot about how they have translated their passion into actual effort, they should be able to clearly demonstrate that the causes or values they care about have prompted concrete actions. Creative responses that connect work experience to their cause of choice can likewise show how passions motivate the candidate even when not directly related.

“Is There A TV, Movie or Book Character That Closely Corresponds to Your Style of Work Ethic?”

This question can be both fun and revealing while inviting conversation with the candidate. More so than looking for an ideal answer, you are allowing them to open up and show how they creatively convey ideas to others.

The Best Interview Questions for Millennials Can Be Hard to Define

Although these questions above are useful, they are not necessarily the best ones for your particular hiring process. Customize and add to the list to tailor your approach to the needs of your position or organization. Above all else, focus on questions that probe to actually reveal how the millennial candidate might behave in your office setting.

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