Interview Questions Candidates Love and Hate

Unless you have the ability to read people exceptionally well, learning all you need to know about a certain candidate in one interview can be tough. You most likely have a limited amount of time, the candidate is probably nervous and you might not be feeling all that confident either. In fields such as healthcare, it is important to have a productive interview process, as you shouldn’t hire just anyone to care for the well-being of others.

To best understand the person sitting on the other side of your desk, here are some interview questions that will provide you insight into their character. The candidate might love or hate these questions, but depending on their response, you could learn more about them and what kind of employee they might be.

“What are your weaknesses?”

Most candidates hate interview questions similar to this because it is difficult to answer. Oftentimes, they feel like it’s a trap and will ask themselves, “Do they really want to know what my weaknesses are?” But for you, as the hiring employer, it is important to know which areas the candidate might need improvement.

In the healthcare field, you wouldn’t want someone who admits to procrastinating or moving slowly. Most practices and hospitals alike need employees who can think on their feet. But if someone admits to not being familiar with a certain practice or procedure, that’s okay, those are things that can be fixed in time. You want someone who isn’t afraid to admit that they aren’t perfect, as you will know that person will strive for self-improvement.

“Why should I hire you?”

Some candidates love this question and some hate it for the same reason: they have to brag about themselves. Here, you should be looking for achievements and skills. If you’re a hiring employer in the healthcare field, you would want someone who is qualified, experienced and motivated. These three attributes could prove most beneficial to your practice

Additionally, this question will give the candidate and opportunity to speak freely. You might learn how passionate they are about their job, and why they would want to work for you specifically. Because this is such an open-ended question, the answers you hear could surprise you, and you might gain some insight into their personality.

“Why did you leave your last position?”

Of all the interview questions, this one is of the utmost importance, even thought almost every candidate hates hearing it. If the candidate was fired from their previous position, understanding why could help you piece together their work ethic.

Almost more importantly is listening to the reasoning behind their leaving their current position. Don’t turn away candidates who have only been at their last position for a short period of time before you hear them out. You will want a candidate who is moving on because they are looking for a place where they can grow and expand their skills or knowledge. And your practice or business might just be the place they are looking for.

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