Interview Mistakes that May Be Costing You Your Dream Job

It can be nerve-wracking to go in for an interview, especially when that interview is for a healthcare position that you truly desire. If you find that you aren’t receiving calls back after you’ve met with an employer, or are getting the “thanks, but no thanks” response, then you might want to reconsider your interviewing skills. Here are some common interview mistakes that you need address before going to your next interview, as they could be costing you the job.

Neglecting to Do Your Research

When you don’t research a company or practice before you enter that room for your interview, this lack of knowledge might show, which wouldn’t bode well for you. By not understanding the facility’s core values or mission, you are potentially showing the employer that you are uninterested in being a part of their team.

To gather information on the business, start at their website. Learn about their history, their current employers, and consider how you might fit into this environment. During the interview, seamlessly incorporate this knowledge into the conversation to show the employer that you genuinely care about the company and being a part of it.

Bashing Your Previous Employer

One of the most common interview mistakes is accidentally speaking wrongly of a past employer. If you were let go at your last position, try to avoid passing on those bitter feelings to the employer when you explain being fired. More than anything, they will want to see that you have learned from your past and grown since then, while also holding an elevated level of maturity.

Even if you were not let go at your last job, the conversation of your previous employer will still come up. Avoid bashing that employer or company in any sense, as it could reflect negatively on you. If you do, the interviewer will wonder what you would say about their company if you were ever hired and then let go from that position, which could drive them away from hiring you.

Not Preparing Questions to Ask

Almost always, employers will ask the interviewer if they have any questions. In the moment, you may not have any questions on the tip of your brain, thanks to the interview jitters. When you don’t ask the employer any questions, they might wonder how invested you really are in the position, and if you don’t seem like you are, they will move on to the next candidate.

Before your interview, write a few questions on a notecard and don’t be afraid to refer to it if you feel like your nerves are beginning to take over. These questions should be clear and in reference to the position or facility. Also, prepare yourself for the response you might hear, so that you will have a consistent retort, if necessary.

Giving Minimal Responses

Along with not asking questions, giving minimal or one-word responses could come off to the employer as curt or a sign of disinterest in the position. Interviews exist for the sole purpose of the employer getting to know you face-to-face and learning a little bit about your personality. Don’t be afraid to show it to them!

When the employer asks you a question, give them a detailed response. Offer them information that they might find valuable in an employee, but keep in mind to not chatter on and on. There is definitely a fine-line in regards to the length of your responses, but the tone of the employer’s responses can be a good indicator if you are on the right page.

If you have found that you are struggling to land a job because you are making these common interview mistakes, you should consider having the help of a staffing agency on your side. At TheraEx Staffing, we love helping individuals like yourself find their dream job in the healthcare field, so contact us today to learn more about we can do for you.

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