How to Write a Job Description that Will Get Noticed

When trying to attract the right kind of potential employee for your medical facility, it is imperative that you write an outstanding job description. With a description that properly displays the characteristics of your practice and the responsibilities of the open position, it is more likely that you will snag the attention of candidates who would be right for the job. From outlining the essentials to working with a medical staffing agency, here are the ways you can write a job description that will get noticed.

Lay Out the Essentials

First and foremost, you need to write out the basics of the position that you have open. By outlining a detailed summary of the job, potential employees will know exactly what certifications and training they need to apply for the position. This can help filter out the candidates that may not be qualified for the job, leaving you to focus on those who are.

In additions to the responsibilities of the individual, you should also include logistical information: location of your facility, hours of the position, starting date, etc. Doing so will hopefully only attract candidates who know they would be able to take the job without major scheduling conflicts. Be sure to leave clear contact information as well, so that potential employees know where to apply for the position and how to get in touch with your facility.

Pay Attention to the Format

Formatting can be just as important as the information you put in the job description. An organized letter will effectively convey the important details of the position and even catch the candidate’s eye, prompting them to continue reading on. Bullet points, consistent fonts and outlined sections will help you achieve a desired format, which will hopefully attract potential employees.

Incorporate the Personality of Your Healthcare Facility

When editing the language and format of your job description, don’t forget to sprinkle in the personality of your healthcare facility. If you’re aiming for a certain company culture within your practice, you should try to communicate this sentiment through your writing. As you change the format and language of your job description, it might appeal to the kind of employee you want in your facility.

For instance, if you are looking for an employee with a bubbly personality, then try adding upbeat phrases throughout the description. If you want an employee that is more deliberate, maybe you should stick to professional language and steer away from clichés.

Work with a Medical Staffing Agency

Writing the perfect job description for your open position can be tricky and time consuming, which is why you should work with a medical staffing agency. These recruiting professionals will know how to tweak your description so that it seeks the perfect potential employees. A staffing agency will also help you expand your reach so that you can find more candidates who might not have otherwise heard of your facility’s available job.

Do you want to know more about how working with a medical staffing agency can boost your employee-search efforts? Contact us at TheraEx Staffing today to learn about our healthcare staffing solutions.


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