How to Dress for an Interview

If you have landed an interview, congratulations! Now that you have celebrated the possibility of having the job of your dreams, you have probably started to wonder, “What do I wear?” Dressing for an interview is important because it shows the employer that you care about professionalism, and that you are taking the prospect of the job as seriously as they are. If you are unsure about the outfit that you have chosen to wear, here are a few rules-of-thumb to follow when you are preparing to dress for an interview.

Dress for an Interview: Suit-Up

In a study conducted by CareerBuilder, more than 2,000 hiring employers agreed that the best colors to wear to an interview are black or dark blue. Other safe-bet colors are gray and brown. So when choosing a suit to wear, girls and guys, make sure that you are wearing materials made of these dark, professional colors.

Also, make sure that your suit fits. A poorly fitting suit could reflect the notion that you are not well-put together yourself. You want to dazzle the employer with your personality, not distract them with a messy outfit.

Wearing Dresses or Skirts

If you choose to wear a dress or skirt to your interview, that is perfectly fine. However, there are a few things you should be cautious of. For instance, make sure that your hemline reaches an appropriate length. To play it safe, the hem needs to reach at least to your knees. You have to take into account of what it looks like when you sit down as well.

Pumps or heels that do not exceed three inches in height are preferred. If you choose to wear a skirt, hose adds an additional layer of professionalism to the ensemble. Even further, longer hair looks best, in this situation, when it is pulled back. More often than not, in positions such as those relating to healthcare, your hair will have to be pulled back. Doing so in your interview will show the employer that you are willing and able to do so.

When Business Casual is Acceptable

Business casual clothing is usually comprised of slacks, a blouse or button down shirt, and a jacket. It is perfectly acceptable to dress for an interview in this type of attire if the situation is right. If you know that your interview is going to be more laidback, then business casual might be acceptable. However, proceed with caution by making sure that your outfit is still appropriate.

Still Unsure? Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

When you aren’t certain what your employer expects you to wear to an interview, don’t be afraid to ask. Not only will asking give you the information you seek, it can also show the employer that you care about paying attention to detail. Just be sure to dress accordingly, to show the employer that you take direction well.

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