Housing is expensive in California Myth or Reality?

“I want to do a travel contract in California, but I’ve heard housing is expensive!” Myth or Reality?

Whereas that is a true statement for the big cities in California, there are many more where the cost of living is comparable to that of the mid-west. According to the United States Census Bureau there are 39,144,818 people who are living in California (estimate as of 7/1/15).

Desired living arrangements of travelers range of luxurious 5-star living to the tent camper. At TheraEx Staffing Services, we want to make sure you have control of your hard earned money. We pay to dollar stipends to ensure that whatever style of adventure you want to make of your travel contract, you have the financial means to support. One TheraEx Staffing Services Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant recently said that she would much rather use her money towards traveling back home to see her family more often and is ok with a smaller apartment with an air mattress.

California offers beaches, desert, mountains, and….Disneyland! One of the best parts of being in California, is the amazing day and weekend trip possibilities within close proximity.

Co-housing is a trend which is gaining popularity in California. Basically, a group of professionals share a house and rent the rooms to traveling professionals. This is a great way to save on housing expenses while beginning to network within a new location. Craigslist has been the best resource for connecting with these types of opportunities.

Housing options can be low budget hotel/motel, camping, extended stay housing, short-term lease apartments/houses, and even staying with friends or family. No matter what your desired housing style for you travel assignment, remember you are on an adventure. Ask our TheraEx Staffing Services staff for guidance and we will be happy to assist you secure housing for your next assignment.

At TheraEx Staffing Services, we feel the answer to our title questions is “myth.” We support that answer because all of our employees are part of the almost 40 million other Californians who find housing affordable.

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