Getting Over Interview Jitters

There are few things as fear-inducing as a job interview. It’s like public speaking, only with your future career at stake. No sweat though, right? You’re a healthcare professional, you’ve got this handled. So exactly how should you go about getting over those pre-interview jitters? Read on below to discover some helpful tips.

Do Your Research

Much like how a test starts before the student enters the room, the interview starts long before you are face-to-face with your potential employer. You’ll want to know the specifics of what the employer is looking for in a candidate, have prepared responses for questions they are most likely to ask as well as specific questions about the position you would like them to answer. You will want to have done as much research on the company and the position as humanly possible. The added side effect of this is that you’ll find yourself more confident in what you bring to the table, and in your ability to answer difficult questions.

Perception is Key

How you perceive certain situations has a great impact on how you approach them. Our fears of the interview process are nothing more than an over complication of the situation. At its base, an interview is nothing more than a conversation, and conversations aren’t anything to get worked up over, they’re a daily part of our lives.

Planning Makes Perfect

The day of the interview you will want to have a plan. You are less likely to stress yourself if you have guidelines to success. You’ll want to plan your outfit (not your normal scrubs) and your route in advance to avoid running behind schedule because the shirt you wanted to wear isn’t clean or because you ran into a mid-day rush of traffic. These are simple steps that add to your peace of mind.

However, planning shouldn’t stop with your attire and allotted travel time. Much like how interviewers often have a script they follow, it can be beneficial to have your own. You don’t need anything too scripted, just set points you’d like to hit during the conversation. Having your own script might help to break the ice during a bland introduction or, by bringing up certain points about the company, it can help to show your enthusiasm for the company and the position.

Burn Some Steam

More often than not, our hearts are pounding furiously just before an interview. This is a well of stamina that’s providing you with far more energy than the situation demands. An easy way to combat this is by burning all that excess energy right before the interview. It’s a great way to walk in with a level head and no one will be the wiser, granted you don’t walk in drenched in sweat. Bring a towel or a spare shirt if you must, just don’t carry all that nervous energy into the interview with you.


As much as we don’t like to admit it to ourselves, few things are done perfectly the first time. To make sure you don’t find yourself stumbling through a promising interview, it is important to practice. You can practice your introductions, the delivery of your questions, and the answers to the questions you’ll surely to be asked. Remember that practice makes perfect, and if you are expecting to blow away the competition, then it’s best to improvise as little as possible.

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