Finding a Great Job in Speech Therapy


You deserve only the best speech therapy jobs available. But how do you determine what that might mean? The key is to focus on you. Establish a set of criteria that ensures you will enjoy your job and have opportunities to expand your career. You should also look to your own resources available — including time, knowledge and the people you know — to evaluate whether a job could be a good fit.


To help you in this process, consider the following five tips for finding a great speech therapy job:


Think Long-Term

Sometimes, we get stuck in the “I need a job, any job” mentality, which can make us jump at an opportunity if it seems to offer what we need for the immediate present. The looming thought of student loan payments, for instance, can cause us to settle for a job that pays now but does not necessarily pay well.


You should be able to recognize that certain positions may not benefit you in the long term. If they cannot provide advancement opportunities or have a high chance of making you burnt out, then the short-term benefits are not worth the inevitable trade-offs.


Do Not Overlook Location

We have the option to work anywhere in the globe, but certain locations can fit more within our preferred lifestyle and personal goals than others. You could find a near-perfect job in San Francisco, for instance, but the distance from friends and family and lack of affordable housing can make the prospect ultimately less appealing.


Always evaluate possible job locations for what they can offer in terms of affordability, culture and access to the things you care about most. Also consider distance from friends and family if that happens to be important to you.


Activate Your Network

By the time you finish school, you will have met hundreds of people engaged in your professional network. Take the time to consider all these people and identify ones who can help make your application process easier. You could have a friend who knows about the city you intend to work in, for instance, or maybe someone who can look more closely into available positions in their provider network. At the very least, having other people in the healthcare field can mean a quality reference.


Never Stop Growing

Applying to speech therapy jobs is time consuming, but you should never let it take over your entire life. Continue to seize learning and practicing opportunities, such as attending conferences or volunteering to work with social services in your area. These activities help you stay sharp and grow — not to mention that they can improve your C.V.


Look for Speech Therapy Jobs Online to Keep Your Options Open

The more options you have on your table, the better you will be able to evaluate each job based on its individual merits. So take all these tips to heart as you look for speech therapy job openings online and take steps towards earning the amazing job you deserve.


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