End of Year Reviews and Assessing Staffing Needs

It is almost hard to believe that the year is already coming to a close, but it is. As an employer of a healthcare facility, end of year performance reviews can help you understand where your practice is improving and where it is hurting. You can use your end of year reviews to help in assessing staffing needs, as these reports may reveal the areas in which your practice is understaffed.

Conducting Reviews

End of year reviews can expose the good, and the bad, in your employees’ performances. You should prepare for these reviews by defining the goals you have for your healthcare facility. Ask specific questions about your employee’s past performance and demonstrate your enthusiasm or concern, in regards to your practice’s goals.

For a different perspective on the matter, keep the employee evaluation conversations two-way by asking them for a self-assessment. Discuss areas in which the employee can improve, while also recognizing their accomplishments. This type of give-and-take exchange will give both you and the employee insight, as far as their performance is concerned.

Planning for Next Year

Staffing is a key component in planning for the upcoming year, as high-performing employees can improve processes overall. Depending on what you know, and the truths that your employees tell you, you might be able to determine which departments need more staffing. If your employees seem to be struggling to get all their work done, despite their outstanding work ethic, you might need more employees in the office.

Additionally, if employees have not performed well and you have to let them go, then you will need to fill that position. If there is an employee, or employees, that stood out to you in a positive way, consider how they can play key roles in improving your facility next year. After you have conducted all of your performance reviews and analyzed the results, you can move forward in determining your staffing needs.

Assessing Staffing Needs

By looking at your end of year reviews and your business plans for next year, you will have some idea about how many employees you will need on your staff. Budget can have an affect on hiring, but there are staffing solutions for almost any healthcare facility out there. For instance, hiring a temp to occupy a position is a great way to have more help in the office until the spot can be taken over full-time.

A job recruiter is a cost effective and efficient way to hire qualified individuals, so that you can fill any open positions you may have. Otherwise, you will be stuck in the time-consuming cycle of listing the job, reading through resumes, conducting interviews and eventually hiring someone. And if your practice is like most healthcare facilities, you don’t have the time to waste and need skilled professionals to start working as soon as possible.

If, at the end of the year, you finish assessing staffing needs and decide that you have positions that need to be filled in order to maximize your practice’s performance, wouldn’t you want to do so in the most efficient way possible? Visit our website and contact us at TheraEx Staffing to learn more about how we can help you find qualified candidates for your staffing needs.

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