Checking Into Your Future Health Care Job


During the hiring process for healthcare jobs, we spend so much time trying to get approval from employers that we often fail to stop and think about how much we approve of them. This job prospect is going to be your new career, after all, so you should be able to know with confidence that it will provide fulfillment and a fair return on your labor.


For this reason, you should always check an employer’s references just as thoroughly as they are going to check yours. Dig into evidence wherever you can to see if the organization treats its employees and patients in a way that you would approve of.


You can use the following sources to help you evaluate your new possible healthcare job:


Online Reviews From Current
and Former Employees


Review sites like Glassdoor turn the tables on businesses by collecting reviews of what it is like to work there These reviews are often brutally frank, to-the-point and offer examples. You will almost always see pros and cons so that each review is balanced.


Take some of the reviews with a grain of salt — some employees can definitely make their own job harder on themselves — but being able to recognize familiar red flags can help you know what to expect with your new position.


Try to Get Word-of-Mouth Reviews


Online reviews are great when they are honest and accurate, but nothing can substitute the frank opinion of someone communicating one-to-one.


If you can visit the location of your new job, see if you can get a chance to sit with some of the employees and talk with them about their experiences. Try not to ask about negative aspects outright or discuss them too actively — you never know what could get back to the hiring manager! — but rather let the employee “spill their guts” so that you can get an unfiltered view of what it is like to work there.


If you cannot easily engage with someone directly, consider working through networking tools like LinkedIn. You can engage friends-of-friends by way of direct connections with a simple inquiry. Something as quick and to-the-point as “Hey! I’m considering working at XYZ Provider and saw your friend worked there. Could you introduce us?” can help you get your foot in the door to catch an inside look.


See Things From the Patient Point of View


Patient reviews of hospitals often tell you a great deal about the employee culture. If a lack of accountability shows through to those being treated, then it is sure to frustrate internal employees, too. Same goes for patients that deal with over-schedulings, staffing shortages or employees that always seem stressed.


On the other hand, positive patient reviews that name specific people or examples of good practices can give you something to look forward to.


Once again, take some reviews with a grain of salt if the perspective seems to be skewed.


Compare the Position to
Other Healthcare Jobs Listings


Judging a position on its own can be difficult without a second option available as a frame of reference. Always keep your application pool broad so that you do not feel forced to compromise when accepting a position.


You can view healthcare job listings for your field and geographical location now to start broadening your horizons.


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