6 Effective Ways to Bring Job Applicants to Your Door

Continuing on short-staffed in a hospital or medical facility can be frustrating, but so can the process of finding someone to fill the open position. If you’ve been trying to find that right person for the job, but just can’t for some reason, there might be something that you can do differently to reach out to them. Here are six effective ways in which you can bring about an increase in job applicants so that you will be able to find the perfect candidate for the position.

  1. Create One Spot for Applications

When you designate one spot for applications, either an email address or an “Apply” button, you are making the process that much easier for potential candidates. If you don’t, it is possible that applicants can get confused about the process and either submit their application incorrectly or give up entirely. Alternatively, you only have to check one place for applications, ensuring that you don’t miss anyone.

  1. Turn to Social Media

By using social media as a tool, you can connect with others online and spread the word about your open position. Not only will potential applicants have the opportunity to hear about the job, but you will have the chance to pre-screen them by way of their online reputation. When used properly, social media can save time on both your end and the candidates’, promoting an increase in job applicants.

  1. Consider the Appearance of Your Ad

If you have an ad online about the open position, you might want to reconsider its appearance. Have your ad feature your brand and link back to your medical facility’s webpage. This will send applicants directly to you, so that there is no question about the job for which they are applying.

  1. Promote Your Facility’s Name

Similar to using social media and upping the appearance of your ad, promoting your facility’s name can increase the interest in the open position at your hospital or office. Try engaging your facility around town in order to spread your name. The more applicants that know of you and the good work you do, the more likely they are to check and see if you have any open positions.

  1. Utilize Referral Programs

Quality candidates are more likely to be involved in some sort of referral program. Whether it is through their school or a local organization, you can refer to these programs in order to submit your facility’s information. Once these referral programs know of your practice, they will then send candidates to your door.

  1. Work with a Staffing Agency

When you work with a staffing agency, they will do all of these things and more to increase your job applicant numbers. While you return to caring for your patients, they will do all the leg work in order to seek high quality candidates that are qualified and ready to hit the road running. All you have to do is select from a pool of pre-vetted candidates and interview them for the position.

Do you want to learn more about working with an agency for an increase in job applicants? At TheraEx Staffing, we specialize in placing bright and qualified individuals in facilities just like yours, so contact us today for more information.

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