5 Tips for Exceptional Customer Service as a Physical Therapist

While the goal of physical therapy is to help the patient achieve their health objectives, physical therapy is a business. And that means therapists must find ways to provide superior customer service and to keep their patients happy during the treatment process. In this latest post, we’ll present five tips for delivering high-level customer service in physical therapy jobs

1 - Adopt Convenient Scheduling Systems

Many organizations are now driving greater communication with their clients by offering convenient scheduling tools. Physical therapists can benefit immensely from offering these types of tools. Using systems such as online scheduling applications, patients can quickly schedule appointments and then place the appointment in their smartphone. This minimizes the need to call the office each time for an appointment and helps synchronize the patient and professional’s schedules.

2 - Schedule Follow-Ups

Patients feel appreciated when the specialist follows up with them after each appointment to determine their progress. And so physical therapists can improve the level of service to patients by completing regular follow-ups. These follow-ups might only consist of a 5-minute conversation with the patient, but they can help the patient feel important and give them time to voice any concerns.

3 - Offer Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Getting feedback from patients is one of the best ways to improve the level of service provided. And so physical therapists can start this process by offering customer satisfaction surveys. The survey can include questions on the professional’s quality of service and the patient’s health progress. It can also include an area in which the patient can suggest improvements.

4 - Ensure Round-The-Clock Access

With the advent of smartphone technology and email applications, professionals are never far away from work. While it’s important that the physical therapist isn’t tethered to their working duties 24/7, they can improve the level of service provided by offering patients numerous forms of communication. Patients should feel welcome to address their concerns and questions via email to empower their role in the treatment process.

5 - Provide Educational Resources

Professionals must continually research the physical therapy field in offering the ideal treatment to patients. As part of this process, they often come across interesting information that can help support their treatment strategies. The physical therapist can further enhance their service by providing patients with educational resources that showcase their commitment to informing the individual of their care options.


By utilizing the tips highlighted in this post, physical therapists can develop stronger bonds with their patients and build a competitive edge in their local market. To learn more, call our team directly!


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