5 Tips for Creating Your 2016 Staffing Plan

If you own or run a business or medical facility, you might be preparing for your 2016 business plans. Between past performance and future goals, there is a lot to account for, like staffing, for instance. Creating a staffing plan isn’t easy, but by following these five, simple steps, it could make your planning a little less complicated.

  1. Evaluate

With end-of-year reviews, you can evaluate where your business stands. In most industries, like healthcare, learning where your practice is performing well and where it is not can help determine which areas need staffing adjustments. If you manage a healthcare clinic, you understand how important it is to know which departments are struggling, as it can affect the entire practice. Evaluation of performance reviews and understaffed departments can help you move on to the next step in creating a staffing plan.

  1. Create

It is likely that you have put together a list of goals that you have for your business or medical facility. If you haven’t done so already, you should. Creating a strategic plan for your place of business will help you set financial goals and limits, so that you can prepare for the near-future. For instance, if you expect a certain part of your business or practice to grow, you can calculate how many employees you will need on staff for that department.

  1. Account

While you’re thinking about how many people should be on your payroll, you also need to account for long-term absences and terminations. When positions stay open for a long period of time, especially in an office that is related to healthcare, it can slow processes. Consider if there are any employees who can be prepared for a promotion, to counteract the possibility of a long-term absence or termination.

  1. Determine

After you have evaluated your business, created a plan and accounted for absences, you should be able to determine how many employees you need. If you had to lay someone off after their performance review, you will need to have them replaced. Additionally, if there is someone who is ready for a promotion, you will need to fill their old position. Once you have determined the number of employees you need, you can enter the final phase of creating a staffing plan: hiring.

  1. Hire

Especially in healthcare facilities, the process of hiring new employees can be time-consuming and maybe even a little frustrating. You have to take time away from your daily duties in order to review hundreds of resumes, not to mention the fact that you have to conduct interviews. One way to save yourself from this headache while you are creating a staffing plan is to employ the services of a staffing agency.

At TheraEx Staffing, we can help you find employees that would be great additions to your team. From listing to reviewing resumes, our professional staff will present you with only the most qualified candidates, of which you can interview. Visit our website or contact us today to learn more about how we can make the hiring process easier for you.

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