5 Things Not to Say in Your Next Interview

Preparing for an interview is an important part of the job-searching process. You have probably learned about what to wear and what to say, but what about what not to say? With this list of the top things not to say in an interview, you can better prepare yourself for your next sit-down with an employer.

  1. “What perks come with this job?”

Though you are likely curious to know what the company’s vacation policy is, this is not an appropriate question to ask during an interview. When you inquire about the job’s perks, it shows the employer that you’re only interested in how the position can benefit you, and not the other way around. Hiring employers are trying to figure out if you will be a valuable asset to their facility, which they won’t assume if you’re already thinking about your time off.

  1. I hated my last boss/job.”

Even if you do despise your last position with passion, there is no room for that in an interview for a new job under new management. When you complain about your last boss or job to the employer, all they hear is “I’m unwilling to adapt,” which is not something you want to be. If the subject of your previous position comes up, focus on your responsibilities and how you could apply those skills to a different healthcare facility.

  1. “No, I don’t have any questions.”

There should be a point in the interview where the hiring manager will ask if you have any questions. You should always prepare a few questions for the employer so that you don’t cut the interview short. By asking questions, it shows you are prepared, invested in the position and that you want to learn more about how you can fit in at that particular office. This can also put you in control of the conversation, allowing for the employer to see more of your personality.

  1. “I have no weaknesses.”

Of the things not to say in an interview, this can be one of the worst. When the interviewer asks if you have any flaws, you need to give them an answer other than “no,” which indicates you are unaware of your shortcomings. Admit to your flaws, and come up with solutions as to how you can turn these flaws into strengths. It will show the employer you care about bettering yourself as an employee.

  1. “What goes on around here?”

Asking what a certain practice or medical facility does is an important question, but it is one you should answer for yourself before your interview. An employer does not want to hear that you didn’t bother to do your research before your interview, as it shows them that you don’t care about the position and are possibly a little lazy. Brush up on the facility’s history and familiarize yourself with their practices, so you can simply learn more about the position.

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