4 Ways to Get Noticed for a Promotion

If you’ve been at a job for an extended period of time, you might be beginning to wonder about promotions. In the healthcare field, being promoted can mean more responsibility, but it can also be rewarding. Here is how to get noticed for a promotion, no matter what your current position, so that you can expand your experience and advance your career.

Be Punctual

At a healthcare facility especially, being on time is always of the utmost importance. Not only is it when you’re supposed to be at work, it shows your employer that you care about your job and their authority. Showing up late on a consistent basis can imply the notion that you would rather be elsewhere, which won’t bode well for you when you seek a promotion.

We’re not saying you have to show up hours early and stay late, but by being there when your boss asks you to shows them that you are more invested in the job beyond the paycheck. Oftentimes, employers promote their employees if they show signs of initiative and genuine interest. Consistent punctuality is a surefire way to reinforce your positive attitude about work.

Stay Active

Like arriving on time, staying active throughout the workday shows your employer that you are proactive and engaged with your work. If you don’t feel like they notice, they do. They also take note of employees who have the attitude of, “I don’t get paid to do that, so I’m not going to.” By always looking for more to do, your employer is likely to appreciate your efforts.

If things are slow and you’re blanking on ways to continue helping out, ask your employer! They will always have something for you to do, even if it isn’t necessarily part of your job description. In a healthcare facility, you might not be able to help with certain medical procedures if it is outside of your skillset, but the employer will welcome the opportunity for help in other areas of the practice.

Get Involved

Like many business, employees at a healthcare facility rely on one another to help get the day’s work done. Get involved by being a team player. For instance, assist fellow employees who have a heavy workload or who ask for help.

Additionally, by making sure that all of your work is done efficiently and correctly, it could benefit the team as whole, as you all work towards a common goal — caring for patients. With these actions, you will be showing your employer that you work well individually, just as you do part of a team. Good leadership skills involve the ability to work both ways, which would benefit you as you try to get noticed for a promotion.

Express Your Goals

Just like you should understand your facility’s overall goals, you need to express your personal goals to your employer. If you have an honest discussion with them about your desires to be promoted, and to do more for the company, your employer will understand your intentions. From there on out, they will be looking for reasons to promote you, so don’t give them an excuse to deny your abilities.

Are you trying to get noticed for a promotion? If so, contact us at TheraEx Staffing today to learn more about how we can help you achieve this goal.

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