4 Reasons to Hire Someone with Less Experience

When you have an open position and you’re going through all those resumes, you might feel inclined to easily dwindle down the list by tossing out anyone who has little to no experience. Before you throw out that stack of shorter resumes, try digging a little deeper, because you might be casting aside the perfect, future employee for your healthcare facility. Here are four reasons why it is a good idea to hire someone with less experience who is working alongside a healthcare staffing agency.

  1. They Have No Prior Training to Refer to

While not having any training can seem like a weakness in a potential employee, it can actually be quite beneficial to your practice. When your employee only understands your office procedures, they won’t get them confused with habits from their previous job. This will give them the opportunity to master the way you want things done and contribute to the team with an unbiased opinion.

  1. They Can Be Technologically Proficient

More often than not, these individuals with less experience are recent graduates and members of the Millennial generation. These younger candidates have a natural aptitude for technologies that you may use around your office, which can reduce the learning curve time frame. In the future, these professionals will also have an easier time adapting to new technologies or systems that could be incorporated to your medical facility, making them a long-term asset.

  1. They Work with a Healthcare Staffing Agency

Take note of the fact that the individual with less experience is working with a healthcare staffing agency, as it could demonstrate their determination. Inexperienced candidates, as a whole, could be more enthusiastic about working, as they are just starting out in the workforce. With this upbeat attitude, they could make great employees, right off the bat, as they are ready and willing to hit the ground running.

Not only do these individuals have their short-term future in mind, but they are also already looking into the distant future. They likely have long-term goals for working at your healthcare facility and will work hard in order to get there faster. Especially those who are working with a healthcare staffing agency, you can rely on this dedicated outlook to make for a quality employee.

  1. They’re Still Qualified Individuals

Though the “prior experience” section of their resume may be short or nonexistent, it does not mean that they aren’t qualified for the position. If the individual has the schooling or certificates they need to do the job, you know that they will be able to perform the job in question. With a healthcare staffing agency representing the candidate, you can also rest assured knowing that the individual is the best-of-the-best when it comes to those who are less experienced.

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BlogRey Rivera