3 Ways to Gain Experience and Build Your Medical Resume

The medical field is one of the toughest job markets that there is. Not only will you be competing with all the new employee candidates that enter the field every year, but you’ll also be up against long-time workers who have years of experience. Aside from an impressive resume, experience is often the difference between getting hired or continuing your job search. When working with healthcare recruiters, here are three simple ways to gain experience and build your resume to impress hiring managers.

  1. Take Advantage of Per Diem Work

One of the best ways to gain direct experience in your chosen medical field is to work per diem, literally “per day.” When you work per diem, it means you make yourself available to work on short notice for a set amount of time on a day to day basis. Think of it as being a freelance worker; you offer your services to whomever needs it, whenever they need it.

Per diem work offers two big advantages that you may want to consider when you’re looking to build your resume and acquire work experience. First, per diem work often pays well because of its tendency to be on very short notice. Secondly, per diem work offers a lot of flexibility. Since you’re not under any type of contract, you can work and gain experience when it’s easiest for you.

Working per diem can also look good on a resume because you will be employed by multiple institutions, large and small, meaning you have experience in many different situations. Alongside working with medical recruiters, working per diem can ultimately make you more attractive to hiring managers across varied fields of expertise.

  1. Consider Temp Work

Along the same lines as working per diem, filling in as a temporary employee can be a great way to make your medical resume a lot more substantial and to gain experience by working at different medical institutions for short periods of time. What makes temp work so valuable for those looking to gain experience in the medical industry is that no two temp jobs are alike, meaning you will gain experience in many different areas of the medical field.

This is important because it indicates that you have a versatile skill set and can be considered a candidate for multiple positions. You can open up more potential job opportunities, making it likelier that you will be hired for a full time position.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Travel

Finding a medical job can be extremely difficult when you’re just starting out and searching in a competitive market, which is why you should be open to traveling for a job when you’re looking to build up your medical bona fides. Traveling for a job opens you up to new work experiences that might otherwise have not been available to you.

It also widens your professional network, making it more likely that people will think of you when a position opens. Finally, being open to travel shows medical recruiters that you are willing to go anywhere for a job, making you a candidate for positions other than where you live and work currently.

Find the Best Medical Jobs

The key to finding the best medical industry jobs is to have both a wide range of experience as well as an impressive resume—two things that make you an attractive employee candidate when working with medical recruiters. Fortunately, as we have seen, building up your qualifications is not as hard as it may seem. And, if you’re ready to make your resume available to the top medical employers in the country, then contact us today and find out how TheraEx Staffing can put you in touch with the best medical industry jobs.

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