About TheraEx Staffing Solutions

Here at TheraEx Staffing, we offer medical staffing agency solutions for both qualified professionals and hiring healthcare facilities across the nation. Working with a staffing agency will simplify the job search and hiring processes so that you can invest your time in what matters most. Even if you have unique staffing needs or a particular skillset as an employee, we can still supply you with the staff members or the position that you need.

Your Personal Healthcare Staffing Firm

As a professional who is looking for their dream job, we can help you find employers who are hiring in your field. With our guided support as your medical staffing agency, you can have an edge up on your competition and find out about job openings as soon as they occur. We can help you refine your resume writing and interviewing skills so that scoring the perfect job is less difficult.

Alternatively, if you’re a hiring healthcare facility, you’re probably looking for a medical staffing agency who can help fill the gaps in your current personnel roster. We take it upon ourselves to find the most qualified individuals who would be a good fit for your office. After pre-vetting these candidates, we turn their files over to you so that you can interview them for the position – easy as that.

Why Work with TheraEx Staffing?

At TheraEx, we choose to commit ourselves to providing you with the staffing solutions you need. We take pride in finding the most qualified individuals who would the ideal match for your healthcare opening. As a medical staffing agency, we have the tools that we need to find qualified candidates as well as hiring employers, but our experienced staff is what makes the difference at TheraEx.

Our History

TheraEx Staffing started October 2009 in California as a provider for rehabilitation services to various, local skilled nursing facilities and home health agencies in the San Francisco Bay area.

As a therapist-owned agency, we strive to pair the best therapists with healthcare managers, not only in California, but now all over the United States. Catering to the skilled nursing, outpatient therapy, schools and home health industries, we search high and low for talented individuals who can fill the staffing needs of these specific facilities.

We are continuing to grow, expanding our reach and services, which gives us the chance to meet the bigger staffing needs of healthcare centers. With that being said, we are still the perfect size that allows for us to give you our undivided attention.

Whether you are a therapist who is looking for per diem work, temporary or traveling positions, or a rehabilitation facility that needs another stellar therapist, we will help you find what you are looking for. As we continue to build relationships with facility managers and the country’s best healthcare employees, we are confident in that we will continue to add varying industries and professionals to our ever-growing roster.

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