Nursing and therapy professionals are drawn to travel positions for many reasons, here are a few of the most popular: 

  • A desire to see a new part of the country and experience living in a new place.

  • Higher compensation rates for seasonal work during the winter, the ability to make more money in areas with high demand, and typically, higher rates per shift.

  • Freedom in the workplace. Per diem payment options, flexible hours and scheduling, and freedom from the politics that often come with long-term jobs in hospitals, are just some of the work culture benefits to being a travel nurse or therapist.

At TheraEx, we guide you through the experience of taking a new position in a new place as a travel nurse or physical therapist. Travel nurses can embark on this journey with an idea for a place they’d like to live and work in mind or come with an open itinerary and a willingness to be relocated to places with need in your field or an increased seasonal demand. 

Your Recruiter will confirm your salary, starting date and various other pertinent details and will be available to you throughout your assignment for anything from advice to professional resources. As soon as you accept the assignment, you’ll receive a Welcome Package containing all of the information you may need to begin, including further details about living arrangements. 

Part of the allure of accepting a travel nursing position is the temporary nature of the job. Travel nurses usually work on assignments for about 13 weeks, but we can offer more flexible contracts in certain cases. 

It’s not uncommon to see our new nurses so happy in their new workplace and comfortable in their new city or town that they decide to move there. In those cases, TheraEx is available to assist with a more permanent job placement. For others, one placement leads to another, maybe from California to New York, and then maybe a stint in Louisiana or Wyoming for something different.