10 Traits of Highly Successful Nurses

Nurses wear a lot of hats during their work hours. To be successful in their field, they have to
master these multiple roles and develop skills that help them be more effective health care providers.
Getting to this level isn’t easy, but nurses who can adopt the following ten traits have a higher
chance of success at a clinic or on an assignment from a nurse staffing agency:


Having patience is the only way to manage patients! The duties of a nurse and the path of a
patient’s recovery are rarely straightforward. When there are setbacks, miscommunications or
times when emotions run high, it can be easy to succumb to a bad attitude or even a full
The best nurses keep everything together and know how to pull their minds out of the storm when
things get stressful. What they often find is that a little patience can cure hot tempers and resolve
problems better than losing your cool.

Great Organizational Skills

Multitasking has become the reality of modern nursing. Staying organized helps get more done
during the day while avoiding oversights and mistakes. If you are the organized one on shift, you
can also help everyone else get through the day a little bit more smoothly.

Stellar Communication

Being able to communicate well isn’t just important for smoothing over relationships with
colleagues and patients. It can actually save lives. Poor communication is a leading cause of
mistakes in all fields, but those who can communicate well in health care reduce the odds of

Able to Handle Stress

Even on a great week where nothing goes wrong, nursing can be stressful. The amount of
responsibility and the blistering pace of duties is enough to wear anyone out. Getting stressed in
this environment is fine and natural, but successful nurses are able to manage this stress and
prevent it from making them act on emotion rather than reason.


Taking the time to connect with patients and share their experiences is a critical part of the healing
process. Nurses who demonstrate compassion and empathy can help make the atmosphere in an
entire clinic or ward much more positive.


On any given shift, you may end up having to change course dramatically at the last second when
a patient’s status changes or when new responsibilities come up. Great nurses can take on this
unpredictability and not miss a beat.


Being task-oriented
helps ensure that every task gets done well. Since nurses have to multitask
and must be flexible, as described above, they must still be sure to get everything they need to be done
by staying mentally organized and ensuring that each task is completed according to the expected


Going beyond communication, great nurses must be able to engage in banter with patients,
and doctors to help make the shift more enjoyable. As you forge connections with
people, you will notice your job seems easier and that you feel like you have more resources at
your side.

Immune to Drama

If there is one thing that gets nurses down, it’s not procedure but interpersonal
drama. Some
people relish gossiping on shift or casting their opinions on co-workers,
but the most successful
nurses can stay above these conversations, remain objective and act professionally.


At the end of the day, certain nurses always heed the call to action or go the extra mile. These
nurses are driven by their love of medicine and their instinctive need to serve patients. No matter
how smart or hard working
you are, becoming a great nurse will be difficult if you cannot kindle
the passion for your work every single day.

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